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AlWazzan United Trading Company W.L.L. (“AlWazzan”) was established in 1975 to operate as a retailer of wooden architectural products. With an advanced vision of the market, AlWazzan managed to get on top of its industry. We strive to captivate and bring to our clients the most innovative and high quality designs that would satisfy our customers’ tastes and needs.

Being in such market position, AlWazzan offers the ultimate artistic renovation with diversity in material selection. Believing that we should give each customer a unique experience, we offer a variety of customizable designs.

Supported by its history as a company that redefined wooden architecture products, AlWazzan differentiates itself with its achievements, quality of work and innovative designs.



Integrated Service

Seeking perfection means that our services extend beyond design and installment. Such value is supported by a workforce that consists of over a hundred employees with different expertise to ensure that our clients are satisfied, well informed and properly serviced during all stages of the process; starting from the first meeting with the client and up to the after-sale.

Diversity of Materials and Flexibility in Design

We proudly offer our customers a variety of material selections that compliments any fine-décor.
AlWazzan United delivers a wide range of colors and surfaces that will surely be a unique experience for you in respect of design, space planning and functionality.

Commitment to Quality

What really gives us our current position in the market is our commitment to deliver unparalleled quality that fits our clients’ needs. We collaborate with the most prestigious international & local designers to bring forward the most innovative ideas that can attend to our customers’ needs. By doing so, we ensure that the final product has a unique and Personalized touch that our client will forever enjoy.


Keeping our customers as a centre of our care, we aim to build and maintain trust in every area we step into, enhance the array of choices and uniqueness in our services through committing to our values of integrity, commitment and customers’ satisfaction using the latest available technologies and focusing on reliable operations.


To deliver exceptional qualities, designs and technology through every product we present.


Operating through integrity and convection, as well as committing to deliver unprecedented quality.


To meet our customers’ expectations, make them always expecting the best from us and give them a luxurious Personalized experience from the first meeting and until getting feedback.


Introducing the most recent technology to Kuwaiti Market as tailored for our customers’ needs.


We present top premium brands to ensure best quality and experience to our clients.